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Hourly Rentals events other than Weddings or Airport Service.

Rental time (hours)
Limousine 1h 2h 3h - 5h -
[01] Chrysler "Dream Cruiser"      5 400 zł 600 zł 800 zł 1 000 zł
[02] Jaguar "Royal Luxury"      10 500 zł 750 zł 1000 zł 1 250 zł
[03] Lexus "Miami Style"      10 600 zł 900 zł 1 200 zł 1 500 zł
[04] Chrysler "Hollywood 1"     10 500 zł 750 zł 1 000 zł 1 250 zł
[05] Chrysler "Hollywood 2"     13 600 zł 900 zł 1 200 zł 1 500 zł
[06] Chrysler "Hollywood 3"     15 700 zł 1 050 zł 1 400 zł 1 750 zł
[07] BMW X6 "Beverly Hills"     13 800 zł 1 200 zł 1 600 zł 2 000 zł
[08] Hummer "New York 1"       10 600 zł 900 zł 1 200 zł 1 500 zł
[09] Hummer "New York 2"     12 700 zł 1 050 zł 1 400 zł 1 750 zł
[10] Hummer "New York 3"     12 700 zł 1 050 zł 1 400 zł 1 750 zł
[11] Hummer "Hot Pink"     19 800 zł 1 200 zł 1 600 zł 2 000 zł
[12] Hummer "Texas White"     19 800 zł 1 200 zł 1 600 zł 2 000 zł
[13] Hummer "Texas Black"     19 800 zł 1 200 zł 1 600 zł 2 000 zł
[14] Hummer "Hummerdaddy"     29 1 000 zł 1 500 zł 2 000 zł 2 500 zł


All prices are FLAT RATE, no additional Gate and Fuel Surcharges.

Chauffeur gratuity appreciated (Tip).


Extras (any rental):

Pickup in Warsaw: 0 zł

Welcome refreshments: 0 zł

Opera Club VIP pass: 0 zł

New Orleans Gentlemen's Club VIP pass: 0 zł

Coca-Cola (24 cans): 100 zł

SPECIAL!! Champagne (1 bottle): 100  50 zł

Vodka (1 bottle): 100 zł

BLACK Energy Drink (24 cans): 100 zł

NEW! Male Erotic Dancer (Chippendale): 500 zł

Sexi Stripper Show : 500 zł



Club70 - Special Offer (Girls Night Out) :

  • Option #1 - Free entrance (everybody),
  • Option #2 - Table reservation: 15zl/person. Includes: free entrance, free table reservation, free 'Welcome Drink'.

Reservations: 510.784.480,

NEW! Add Chippendale Erotic Show for only 500zl!


New Orleans Gentlemen's Club - Special Offer (Boys Night Out):

  • Option #1 - Free entrance (everyone),
  • Option #2 - OPEN BAR, cost: 200zl/person. Package includes: Free club entrance, free VIP Room, OPEN BAR on vodka, whiskey, tequila, gin, beer, wine, juice, and soft drinks!

Reservations: 600.063.667,


Perfect ideas for Bachelor Party in Warsaw:

  • Take a limo for 1h, 2h, 3h, or even the entire night and enjoy all the clubs with no entrance fees. All our limo packages come with FREE VIP PASS to enter any strip club in town (savings up to 100 PLN per person). Chauffeur arranges VIP entrance when we take you to the club (VIP pass is not a 'ticket' for later use).
  • To make your limo ride even more enjoyable, add 30-minute Sexi Stripper Show for 500 PLN.


Frequently Asked Questions

What comes with the rental? >>> (read more)
Limousine service for 1, 2, 3, or more hours. We provide 'Welcome refreshments' (Coca-Cola, bottled water, BLACK Energy Drink), glassware, and napkins. Alcoholic beverages are provided on request. Own alcohol is allowed with no extra fee.
Is the Rental Price final, or there are hidden fees?
The price is final. No hidden gate, gas, and toll fees. However, you may tip your Chauffeur for receiving an excellent service.
Do I pay more than your local customers?
No. Prices are the same for either foreign and local customers.
I'm going 40 minutes into overtime... is this fine to pay 2/3 of the hourly rate?
Our rates are per hour, not per minute. Although we allow 5-7 minutes of the random overtime, anything over this time is billed at an hourly rate. Watching the time is not your duty (once it's all on schedule) - Chauffeur's job is to watch the watch for you. However - going overtime because of, for example, the customer being late, change of plans, or simply extending the limo time - is obviously your responsibility.
Do you require a deposit or full payment?
All reservations must be paid in full in order to have booking process completed (a minimum deposit of 50% is required on all wedding packages).
Should I tip my chauffeur?
Gratuity is at your discretion. However, tip is customary to tip your chauffeur for receiving an excellent service.
Is smoking allowed in the vehicle?
No. However, your chauffeur can make an extra cigarette stop upon request.
How long is the Sexi Stripper Show?
The show is about 25-30 minutes.
Do I order Chippendale Erotic Show to the limousine, or to the apartment?
Male and Female erotic shows are different. While limousine is big enough for a female show, male show needs more space so male dancer will visit you in the apartment. If the show is combined with a limo ride, we'll later come to pick you up with a limousine.
I'm working on my best friend's bachelor party, will Chrysler 'Hollywood 1' be comfortable for 10 adults?
We typically quote the number of permitted passengers based on guidelines from the manufacturer. Typically, the manufacturer quotes a number of passengers based on 65-70kgs per passenger. Unless you have extremely thin men in your group, booking the maximum number of people in the limousine may not be really comfortable.
Do you offer special discounts for Bachelor/-ette Parties with a wedding rental?
Yes, both Bachelor/-ette Parties will receive 10% limo discount when renting a wedding limousine.


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