Monday, March 8, 2021

Wedding package (5h)


Rental time (hours)
      Package 5h           Overtime   
SPECIAL!! [01] Chrysler "Dream Cruiser"      5 1200  899 zł 150 zł
SPECIAL!! [02] Jaguar "Royal Luxury"      10 1800  899 zł 200 zł
[03] Lexus "Miami Style"      10 2100  1499 zł 300 zł
[04] Chrysler "Hollywood 1"      10 2100  1499 zł 250 zł
[05] Chrysler "Hollywood 2"     13 2100  1499 zł 350 zł
[06] Chrysler "Hollywood 3"     15 2100  1499 zł 350 zł
              NEW!! [07] BMW X6 "Beverly Hills"     13 4000  2499 zł 400 zł
[08] Hummer "New York 1"      10 2000  1499 zł 300 zł
[09] Hummer "New York 2"     12 2000  1499 zł 350 zł
[10] Hummer "New York 3"     12 2000  1499 zł 350 zł
[11] Hummer "Hot Pink"     19 2800  1999 zł 400 zł
[12] Hummer "Texas White"     19 2800  1999 zł 400 zł
[13] Hummer "Texas Black"     19 2800  1999 zł 400 zł
[14] Hummer "Hummerdaddy"     29 4000  2499 zł 500 zł


All prices are FLAT RATE, no additional Gate and Fuel Surcharges.

Driving outside of Warsaw: 3zł/km limousines, 5zł/km BMW, Hummers.

Chauffeur gratuity appreciated (Tip). 


Extras (all vehicles):

Pickup in Warsaw: 0 zł

Bottle of Champagne: 0 zł

Welcome refreshments: 0 zł

Red carpet service: 0 zł

Bachelor Night or Bachelorette Night limousine discount: -10%



  Frequently Asked Questions

What comes with Wedding Package? >>> (read more)
5h of limousine service for traditional wedding (home, church, photo session, reception...).
How long ahead should we book a wedding limousine?
As soon as possible - many customers book the limousine a year ahead, but we should be able to serve you even 2 weeks before the wedding day (we usually have 1-2 limousines available but it may not be limousine of your choice). For a better selection, early reservation is recommended.
I need the limousine for 4 hours, do I have to pay for the 5h wedding package?
Yes. Wedding package is a very special offer that used to be 3h of limousine service, but recently extended to "3h + 2h free'.
Id this allowed to decorate the limousine?
Yes. 90% of our customers skip this part having pure, white wedding limousine. However - we allow to decorate the limo as you wish to.
I live in Radom - do I pay extra for your limousine service?
Yes. The difference in price is for driving empty limo to Radom. On top of the service price (as the wedding was in Warsaw), there's driving outside of Warsaw fee: limousines 3zl/km, big Hummers: 5zl/km.
Should I tip my chauffeur?
Gratuity is at your discretion. However, it is appreciated to tip your chauffeur when you receive an excellent service.
Can I view a vehicle before I reserve it?
Yes, you can. An appointment can be made by calling our XXL office. All limousines are storaged by our Warszawa-Zacisze parking lot.
Do you offer special discounts for Bachelor/-ette Parties with a wedding rental?
Yes, both Bachelor/-ette Parties will receive 10% limo discount when renting a wedding limousine.


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